This website and my work are all about inspiring you to trust your own deep knowing—in order to create a life of your own choosing. Everything you find here was designed with that in mind. Look around, explore, see what you find to help you create a life you love.

Why you need to trust yourself

“There is no way this part of a journey can be fully anticipated and planned out in flawless detail; it must be improvised in the moment with extreme trust in self and all that has come before, and love for all that is yet to come.

There is no way to know in advance all that will be needed and when. However, our own ever developing instincts and wisdom are capable guides into and through the unknowns of our lives. What a plan is incapable of providing, we already possess.

The more we trust ourselves to follow the inner directives of our own lives, the freer we become to follow the life of our own vision, and to live beyond the plan.”

—Laurie Mattila