Good Books: December 2009 Newsletter

What Matters Most:
Living a More Considered Life
by James Hollis
Gotham Books, 2009
hardcover, $26.00

“We do not serve our children, our friends and partners, our society by living partial lives, and being secretly depressed and resentful. We serve the world by finding what feeds us, and, having been fed, then share our gift with others.”

—James Hollis

I read Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, an earlier book by James Hollis, when it came out five years ago. This fall when I picked up a copy of What Matters Most and noticed that Hollis was the author, I remembered how much I had valued his thoughtful wisdom and fascinating insights. In addition to writing and teaching, Hollis continues in private practice as a Jungian analyst.

In the preface to What Matter Most, Hollis states he will not be focusing on the standard list: “friends and family, love, honor, good work, reputation and the like.” Instead, he offers an “eccentric compilation” written to engage readers in considering what matters most for them.

Notice how these select chapter titles/ subtitles act as invitations for consideration:

That Life Not Be Governed By Fear
That We Learn to Tolerate Ambiguity
That We Consider Feeding The Soul
That We Step Into Largeness
That We Write Our Story, Lest Someone Else Write It For Us

In each chapter, Hollis offers ways to encourage readers to show up for their lives, in spite of difficulty, uncertainty, disappointment, and suffering; because there is also imagination, creativity, beauty, truth, and courage. Working with life stories and recounting dream memories, Hollis illuminates the soul’s deep and guiding wisdom.

Once again, I found Hollis to be an absorbing writer-teacher-storyteller. I appreciate his willingness to occasionally use himself as an example, as well as his unwavering respect, awe, and wonder for the dream material offered by his clients. He frequently comments, “Who would make this stuff up?”

The exquisite way Hollis unravels dreams, to get to their deeper meaning, is lovely to observe.

I See Your Dream Job:
A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do
by Sue Frederick
St. Martin’s Press, 2009
Hardcover, $19.99

“Your life is on purpose. There are no accidents. Every event, circumstance, and relationship has been nudging you to follow your true path and do your great work—which is the only path to real success and abundance.”

—Sue Frederick

I See Your Dream Job is the first book I’ve discovered written by a career intuitive. From talking with clients, I know that many people consult with psychics at some point in their search for the work they are meant to do. Frederick is in a unique position to write this book, making the tools of her trade accessible to readers seeking to discover their life purpose.

If you aren’t open to, or interested in, ancient wisdom, astrology, numerology, symbols, and inner guidance, you can skip this book. On the other hand, if you find these topics fascinating, whether or not you understand them, I See Your Dream Job offers a step-by-step process that might allow you to see things from a perspective that dots the i’s and crosses the t’s for you. It probably won’t reveal anything you don’t already know, but it will remind you how much you do know and what perfect sense it makes.

Once you confidently own and affirm the truth of who you are, Frederick suggests how you can move forward and initiate desired change. I See Your Dream Job could be an important step in trusting yourself to do what you were put on earth to do.

One More Recently Published Book

Infinite Possibilities:
The Art of Living Your Dreams
by Mike Dooley
Atria Books / Beyond Words, 2009
Hardcover, $25.00

“We have our dreams for many reasons, not the least of which is to make them come true.”

—Mike Dooley

Last December I mentioned Mike Dooley’s trilogy, Notes From The Universe. His latest book, Infinite Possibilities, quickly became a New York Times Bestseller this fall. Prior to publication, the information was only available in audio format. Thousands of Dooley’s readers and supporters swooped up the first several printings, putting the book on backorder as soon as it was released. Infinite Possibilities is on my list of books to read.

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