The Front Page: April 2016 Newsletter

Creating a Future—Together

The news about what’s happening throughout the world has been especially troubling to me this spring. Even though I consider myself an optimist, I’ve had to make an effort to see and remember goodness in all the darkness. I’ve needed to balance news reports with all the good I observe and experience in my daily life.

I remind myself:

Every day people show unexpected kindness to each other.
Every day people contribute to the greater good.

They love and care for animals and pets.
They dream about planting gardens for food and beauty and bees.

Groups gather to support important causes and agendas.
Communities are intent on making improvements.

Friends communicate with each other.
Neighbors acknowledge each other as they go about their lives.

Volunteers assist with chores, meals and housing.

Crews pick up litter and collect recycling.

Teachers show up for one of the world’s most challenging professions.
They are joined by bus drivers, letter carriers, police and fire personnel.

Strangers offer help with directions on the bus or train.
They talk with each other waiting in line at the grocery store.

Parks are visited and enjoyed by all ages.
Spring clean-ups are scheduled.

And yes, some among us could be more helpful, agreeable, generous and kind. But even now, there is much that is immensely good and ordinary to celebrate. It is not perfect, but it does not need to be.

All the good we choose to do is creating a future — one caring, accepting, informed moment at a time.

Do you have any idea how many choices a person makes each day?

I was curious about this so I searched online, where I found an estimate: 35,000. I have no way of knowing whether this number is even remotely reasonable.

I do know that when I order coffee in a mug, rather than a to-go cup, that’s one choice. When I add half & half, rather than skim milk, that’s one more choice. When I get something to go with my coffee, that’s another choice. But 35,000 choices? I don’t know.

It makes me wonder, how many choices actually matter? Individually, I think many probably don’t. Cumulatively, I think they matter enormously. History demonstrates there is power for good and power for ill as the numbers add up.

That is why I choose to focus on the good and true each day. Doing so doesn’t erase or neutralize ugliness. What it does is remind me that I have choice; and my choice adds to the number that can make a difference in the future we are creating — together.

With gratitude,


“There are no perfect circumstances.
But when we show up with love, focus, and patience,
we perfect the circumstances we have.”

Tama Kieves

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