Practice Page: April 2016 Newsletter

Spring Break

I’m inviting you to take a short break from whatever you’re doing.

If possible, head outside into the fresh air for a few minutes.
If that’s not possible, sit by a window and see what you see.
If there’s not a window nearby, open one in your imagination and sit quietly gazing out of it for several minutes.

Notice the spring season in something: a sturdy green shoot, the sound of birdsong, a flag flapping in the breeze, raindrops on the windowpane, the scent of earth, someone running by wearing bright yellow….

The haiku form offers an opportunity to reflect on your seasonal moment and capture its essence in just three short lines and seventeen syllables ( 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, 5 syllabus in the third line ).

Here’s a favorite of mine that I wrote in a writing workshop.

One sure sign of spring—
buds wait like bugs on branches
waiting to leap green.

Here’s another example I wrote this week, after walking around Como Lake.

I walk clockwise now
springing into the future
from the gray and cold.

Years ago, I wrote this final example for my office and even used it on my first website. It doesn’t really have a seasonal connection, but I still like it.

Bless the time spent here—
seeking listening dreaming.
Let the magic come.

Now it’s your turn to experience a moment of spring and find a few words to capture its essence.

Laurie Mattila
© April 2016

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