About Laurie’s Work

Laurie Mattila, M.S.Ed. is a Career Counselor in private practice in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Laurie is also the developer and teacher of Discovery Writing: Creating A Future, an engaging and transforming process of listening on paper; and Intentional Living—Meaningful Work, a class she taught for ten years through the Compleat Scholar program at the University of Minnesota.

Through her innovative work, counseling individual clients toward clarity and teaching in small circles, people are remembering to hear and trust their own knowing; they are choosing to explore and create a future they desire. Beginning NOW.

About Laurie’s Clients and Students

The individuals Laurie works with are quite diverse, yet they often share these qualities:

  • a deep and heartfelt longing to know and trust themselves
  • an urgency to live — guided by the wisdom of their own knowing
  • an openness to vital guiding energies — within and without
  • an inclination to trust the intuitive creative process
  • a pull to create a life and a future they desire

They are thoughtful explorers and experimenters, taking time to get clear, preparing themselves to choose ways of living, working, and being that they fully desire.

Some of Laurie’s clients come with specific projects in mind: exploring what to do with the rest of their life, finding personally meaningful work, discovering their purpose, creating a sustainable lifestyle, accepting the loss of a job—or a dream—and moving on, planning for an ever-changing future, and healthy decision-making.

Laurie also helps clients with their many other work-related needs: resumes, job search strategies, interviewing skills, performance reviews, coping with difficult work situations, minimizing stress, and deciding whether to leave or stay.