The Purple Table

Sitting at the purple table—paying attention to our lives— we discover more of the wisdom we are seeking, and it is already within us.

I have a wonderful purple table in my office where we sit when I meet with clients or work with small groups. Many people love this old table and mention it fondly. Some even say they want a purple table of their own.

When I set up my office in St. Paul, I purchased this old, oak dining table from an antiques dealer in the neighborhood. By the time I found it, someone had painted it an odd shade of antique green, and the surface veneer showed signs of water damage. That gave me permission to paint it again: a soft plum-purple. I carefully selected this exact shade to complement the gorgeous colors in a wool rug my sister had woven.

My plan was to hang the rug on one wall of my new office, highlighting both it and the table. Not until the day my sister came to help me hang the rug, did I realize it overpowered the space. I remember feeling so disappointed and saying, “What am I going to do with a purple table?”

But the table is a wonderful color and, if not for the rug, a color I probably would not have considered. Looking back, it seems the table was meant to be purple—it has gifts to offer.

“It’s a place for you to pull up your chair at the plum-painted table and get away. Enjoy the quiet and the laughter and the caring. Listen deeply. Write your truths. See new possibilities. Come alive in your own way. There’s a place waiting for you.”

—Discovery Writing

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