These affirmations are examples of those I routinely create for myself. They all begin with a blank page in my notebook and the clear intention to hear my heart speaking its own truth.

Once I sense the listening-writing process is more or less complete, I memorize each affirmation so I can work with it anywhere. At this point, I occasionally make small changes in what I’ve written—if my ear detects a finer possibility.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to experiment with creating your own affirmations, and then to memorize them. You will be amazed by the healing, guiding power of your own wisdom, as you allow the simplicity of your own truth to guide you.

I created this first affirmation as a walking meditation to prepare for surgery and healing. I continue to use it years later.

“With each breath, each thought, each step—I heal.
Loving healing energy reaches every cell in my body.
I grow calmer, stronger, clearer, truer.
I breathe deep. I see possibilities. I live healed.”

I use this next affirmation when I need to find the quiet place within.

“I come to this place and this moment
seeking the light of compassion.
By sitting still I find it.
I quietly remind myself — Nothing needs doing.
Nothing requires my attention.
Now this very moment surrounds me and I am comforted.”

I use this last affirmation to keep my vision alive.

“I see myself in the place I have always longed for,
and it fits all of me perfectly.
My heart has come home.
I do what is mine to do, freely and without guilt.
I putter, create, contemplate, renew.
I share my exquisite good fortune
in a way that makes even more possible.
Life is good and I am blessed beyond all measure.”